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Book Your VR Experience

  • VR stations may be booked online or in-store. To guarantee a specific time, book online.
  • Pricing is per station, not per person.
  • Choose one station to experience VR by yourself or split the time with a friend. Only 1 person is able to use a station at a time.
  • Choose more than one station if you want to experience VR at the same time as one or more people instead of taking turns, or if you want to enjoy the same experience together in a multi-player environment.
  • Each station will have access to a curated collection of premium virtual reality games and experiences. During your session, you will be able to pick and choose any experience at any time.

The best way to experience Virtual Reality is try it!  Come in and try our VR Discovery Special for just $15 and sample what VR is all about (walk-in bookings only).

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